CTC-300 Digital Lab System

Digital Generator DG-300

CHEMALUX DG-300 digital generator uses a dual high-precision diamond turning to precisely cut the back surface of the lens to achieve surface roughness in the nanometer range. A patented electronic/mechanical force and vibration cancellation assembly eliminates more than 99% of machine frame vibration, resulting in a surface that is ready for Cut-to-Coat (CTC) without polishing. The utilization of air-bearing technology eliminates the routine mechanical wear off so that the machine calibration becomes easy to do. The software includes translation of customer supplied points files for generation of freeform shape and asymmetrical surfaces.

Key Feature

  • Generate traditional back-surface base curve, cylinder and prism without prism blocking
  • Single point diamond turning eliminates elliptical error
  • Air-bearing spindle, X slides and Z’ slides
  • The proprietary force and vibration cancellation eliminates lens surface tool artifacts
  • Automatic chip segmenting for polycarbonate swarf

Unique Benefits

Eliminating the need for hard lap fining and polishing results in a finished lens with heretofore unequaled quality with respect to prescription accuracy and surface quality. Delivery to your customer is better because of the elimination of the traditional secondary surfacing operations.

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