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Spin-On Coating Technology for Scratch Resistance (SR) and Antireflection (AR)

Why does the coating have to be made by a large, expensive vacumm system ? Today, many technologies for the fabrication of the coatings exist. Although the vacuum deposition technologies, such as the evaporation and the sputtering, are widely used to make optical coatings (SR coatings, AR coatings, mirror coatings), they require the complicated and bulky equipment. The non-vacuum technologies, especially the spin coating and the dip coating, are paving way for making optical coatings in both AR and mirror coatings. Its evidence can be seen everywhere, from computer monitors to display glasses. Even the fabrication of the most advanced computer chips have involved the non-vacuum coating technologies. Chemat Vision has devoted to apply this technology to make the multifuctional coatings for ophthalmic lenses.