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Chemalux SRAR-100 Multifuctional Coater
Features: Spin-On Coating

Why does AR coatings have to be made by bulky, expensive vacuum machines? Chemat has developed a simple spin-on coating technology to make AR coatings on Rx lenses which were funded by both National Eye Institute of NIH and Department of Defense. This technology adopts the widely used spin-on scratch resistant coating tehcnology and upgrade it with more precise mechanic control for multi-layer AR coatings. The Chemalux SRAR-100 spin coating machine integrates high pressure water washing, scratch resistant coating, anti-reflection coating, flash mirror coating, and EZ-Clean coating into a compact table top system. The machine is controlled by a micro-computer, utilizing a touch panel screen. Easy removal of defect pre-cured coating for 100% yield - no waste of the surfaced lenses.