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Seiko: Perfas lens design software is the best freeform design software to make the cutting edge of digitally surfaced freeform progressive lenses. All the elements of the progressive prescription - sphere, cylinder, axis, add powerr and prism - are placed on the back surface of the lens, customizing every Rx to the patient’s exact visual requirements. Four packages are available (detailed in

Perfas Prime: Super soft design for most people with active lifestyles - first time wears, up to ADD +2.00, 12mm/16mm, 14mm/18mm, 16mm/20mm.

Perfas Premier: Advanced, blended softer design for ultra-sensitive PAL wears & for difficult Rx’s, up to ADD +2.50, 10mm/14mm, 12mm/16mm, 14mm/18mm.

Perfas Premier Wide: Advanced hard design for seasoned wearers & near vision, ADD +2.00 and above, 10mm/14mm, 12mm/16mm, 14mm/18mm.

Perfas Prestige II: Create lenses up to 25%, ideal for high spheres, cylinder and add powers, optimized automatic variable inset based on PD, for as-worn position; Oblique astigmatic correction manages unwanted cylinder in all meridians.