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Extended range of Rx lenses (high spheric power and cylinder) which are not in list of iValued Finished Lenses can be ordered through icClearTM SV Lenses or our Backup Lab Services can make them for you.

Materials Design Range (Diameter) Coating Order
Plastic SV +6D/-2D (55, 60, 65, 70mm)
-6D/-2D (65, 70mm)
±6D/-4D (65mm)
UC, HC, AR  
Flat Top -2 - +3(DS)/+1 - +3(ADD) (70mm)  
Progressive -1 - +3(DS)/+1 - +3(ADD) (70mm)  
1.56 SV +6D/-4D (65mm), -6D/-4D (70mm) HC, AR  
Progressive -1 - +3(DS)/+1 - +3(ADD) (70mm)  
PC SV +6D/-4D (65mm), -8D/-4D (70mm) HC, AR  
1.61 SV -10D - +6D/-2D (70mm) AR