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Superhydrophobic Coatings

Fingerprints and smudges have been a challenge for previous lenses. But no longer with superhydrophobic coatings. Our unique, advanced technology makes cleaning a breeze.
• It prevents moisture buildup, so rain and perspiration won’t leave streaks and sheens that can compromise your vision. Droplets ball up and bead off the surface.
• It repels oils, making it easier to keep lenses clean. Skin oils, fingerprints and lotions are easily wiped away without leaving residue, so you won’t get that blurring film common to ordinary lenses.
• It prevents dirt, dust and other particles from clinging to the lens. With these three performance features, Superhydrophobic technology creates an invisible barrier that easily sheds sweat, rain, sunscreen, skin oils, dirt and dust. The lenses are heavenly to clean and they stay clean longer than ordinary lenses, maintaining the highest level of clarity.