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Digiteyes DAC Specialty Lens Designs - Digiteyes(continued ......)

Blended Bi-Centric

With DAC’s Blended Slab-Off, this lens is no longer a chore. The slab line comes out where you want it the first time, every time. The line is blended, making the lens more cosmetically appealing. The software can be set to slab the most minus, most plus, or both lenses to balance. Calculations are performed automatically, based on lens blank and prescription parameters.
  • Slab-off and Slab-on
  • Automatic calculations for prism
  • Slab both eyes for balance and cosmetics

Blended Bifocal

With this powerful lens design option, you can make a blended round-seg bifocal any size you like. Small for golfers, huge for engineers or accountants, or anything in between. Now you have a “hidden” alternative for customers who cann't adapt to PALs. Front is spherical, making it hard to tell it is a bifocal. Optics are closer to the eye, increasing field of view and visual comfort.