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Digiteyes DAC Specialty Lens Designs

The DAC Specialty Lens Menu, used in conjunction with the Chemalux CTC Digital Surfacing Lab System, offers unparalleled versatility for designing occupational and lifestyle solutions. It provides the ability to manufacture hard to get, hard to process lens designs, as well as those that have never been possible before. These lens designs have traditionally been special orders, with labs and their customers having to wait for the lens blanks to arrive and hoping they make it through the lab without breakage. Now, these lenses can be processed just like any other job, in and out of the lab in no longer than it takes to surface a single vision lens.

Blended Lenticular

Both plus and minus power lenses can be designed and processed on single-vision or multi-focal lens blanks, and lenticular is made on the back side, improving cosmetic appearance. Blend and curve elements can be tailored to the Rx, and a graphical portrayal of the finished lens can be viewed on the monitor, ensuring the final product will be as expected. High-power lenses can be thinned as much or as little as desired.