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Digital surfacing is a major technological advance used in the production of ophthalmic lenses. Most new progressive lenses are machined using this technique.

- Point by point surfacing for each prescription
The rear surface can be produced with complex curves, which will accurately adapt each point of the lens to the patient's visual prescription. With traditional technology, the single rearsurface curve is calculated to provide the required power for distant vision. With digital surfacing, visual performance can be optimized for each point and for each correction, particularly for each cylinder and axis value - and therefore for each direction of view.

- Incorporating new parameters for an individualized solution
Digital surfacing allows a unique lens to be produced for each individual. This means being able to avoid any compromise in seeking a single progressive design capable of satisfying the largest number of wearers without, however, being ideal for any one of them. Patients can now enjoy the advantages offered by lenses entirely adapted to their individual visual needs, which also take into account the frame and the purpose for which they will use them.